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Yekaterina Berezinets, the Investment analyst for ESTA Holding, answeres the questions of ""


- What is the most efficient way to attract a tenant to a Business Center?

- The most widely-spread and easy way to attract a tenant to a Business Center is the offer of the most beneficial quality-to-price ratio of leasing the premises.

Also the choice of the potential tenant is affected with positive goodwill both the owner and the building itself as well as the company governing the facility. Undoubtedly, the creation of positive goodwill is a complex and continuous process, based on permanent and everyday work both with tenants and all other participants of real estate market.

For ESTA Holding formation of a positive goodwill as a company which not only qualitatively implements projects, efficiently manages its assets, but does it transparently and publicly, is one of essential tasks.

Practically 100% occupancy of the second stage of Leonardo Business Center is in particular the merit of the goodwill of ESTA Holding and ESTA Property Management (EPM) (the company which governs the facility), being formed at the moment. Of course, all of these couples with a professional approach to the Business Center management, and positive opinions of the tenants are the best confirmation to this.

Also tenants always appreciate customized approach and various bonuses, such as rent free period (for example during repair works), rendering of additional services and more convenient parking spaces free of charge, etc. The reasoning of the system of rendering such bonuses depends in particular on the competence and experience of the managers.