ESTA Property Management

ESTA Group's development strategy involves the gradual improvement of management efficiency of existing facilities.

In its development strategy ESTA Group envisages the sustainable increase in the management efficiency of the current facilities.

Before all it applies to a separate business, as well as office real estate.

The ESTA Group organizational structure consists of its parental company – ESTA Property Management. The company operates in managing and operation the ESTA Holding projects, as well as renders complex services of third party commercial and residential assets management.  ESTA Property Management is a team of top-ranked professionals having a significant experience in real estate project management. The company renders the following types of services:

  • Technical audit
  • Technical consulting
  • Pre-commissioning
  • Commercial management
  • Maintenance

The experience of many years in the field of real estate management allows the company settling down the full range of tasks in the real estate management domain arising in the process of the managing and operating the facilities of any complexity degree. Today the company has 12 real estate facilities with total area over 160 000 sq. m. in its portfolio.


Bogdana Khmelnitskogo Str., 19-21, 01030, Kiev, Ukraine