Providing support to those who need it the most. Charitable activity based on goodwill.

ESTA Holding is a responsible corporate citizen ready to invest in sponsorships and charitable programmes which contribute to social problems’ solution. We provide donations to implement serious social projects and campaigns as well as provide funding for activities of charitable organisations which support communities and people in need.


Through sponsorship and charitable efforts, ESTA Holding:

  • supports initiatives in education, sport, healthcare and culture;
  • makes targeted charitable donations that are aimed to support those who find themselves in difficult life situations and help them overcome the difficulties. We provide this assistance through recognised charities and NGOs.


ESTA Holding’s  sponsorship is aimed at supporting campaigns and programmes which contribute to the social development of Ukraine and benefit directly the communities we are a part of.

Key sponsorship principles:

  • an institution/event which the Company plans to support must be recognised and legitimate and have a good reputation;
  • from the institution/event, ESTA Group expects certain positive results and social benefits which meet its criteria;
  • ESTA Holding and the Group’s companies should not sponsor political events or activities, or provide support for political parties, organisations or particular politicians;
  • ESTA Holding and the Group’s  companies do not sponsor institutions, events or activities which promote a specific confession or religion;
  • ESTA Holding and the Group’s companies do not support organisations whose objective is primarily commercial and who seek to make a profit from ESTA Holding’s sponsorship.

Charitable organisations that receive help from ESTA Holding should:

  • have significant expertise in the area of its operation;
  • have a high and recognised reputation;
  • be incorporated as a charitable organisation in Ukraine or have the status of an international charitable organisation;
  • provide detailed information on the application of funds.


ESTA Group’s hotel regularly hold the charitable campaign, transferring €1 from each accommodation transaction to foundations fighting against children’s cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, Opera also invest money in creating playgrounds for children.