Plyuty countryside residences

ESTA Holding sells land plots destined for individual residential construction in the suburban settlement of Pliuty, located on the bank of Kozinka River in the village of Pliuty, Kiev Oblast. There is a picturesque forest located in a 200-meter distance from the complex. The total area of the suburban settlement makes 46,9 ha. It has currently been delimitated by 225 plots.

The infrastructure was carefully thought out. Each plot has already centralized electricity supply, water supply and sewage system arranged. There is a well-furnished beach, pedestrian paths and bicycle roads, greenery-planted areas and a sports ground foreseen for comfortable leisure in the Pliuty.

The increased economical attractiveness of this settlement is conditioned by the excellent traffic accessibility, high readiness level and a wonderful location in the surrounding of the forest and river.

With the successful set of factors, being the price, finished utilities, amazing environmental situation, traffic accessibility and developed infrastructure around, the purchasing of land plots in the Pliuty suburban settlement is a good investment.

Kyiv oblast, Plyuty village, 38 Plyutska Str.  +38(044)507-14-00 +38(044)507-14-01